Celebrating 15 years in practice and licensed since 2004.
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Our Mission

To help individuals and families heal from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. To help individuals and families overcome mental, emotional, and relational problems.

Our Vision

Join together to defeat addiction, overcome relational/emotional/mental problems while creating healthy relationships and families.

Our Values

  • Taking care to holistically assess each person then develop a collaborative and comprehensive plan for change.
  • Taking time to define each person’s purpose for change and identifying positive goals.
  • Treating one another with dignity, respect and kindness.
  • Being of service to all people and going the extra mile with a positive and pleasing attitude.
  • Encouraging exploration of alternative, community-based support systems for those with whom The
    Twelve Steps do not fit, and supporting those who have determined that The Twelve Steps is their chosen path.
  • Utilizing publications, reading materials and counseling approaches that have been researched and found useful and successful.
  • Encouraging exploration and creativity with time to share ideas and support each other.
  • Involving family members to take part in counseling to support their growth, and healing through outreach and inclusion.
  • Engaging in on-going personal and professional growth to continuously improve and model healthy lifestyles.
  • Learning and teaching to one another through continuing education and self study.
  • Outstanding care for everyone involved with Eastside Center For Family.

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